Title and Abstract

Our Project Title:

Development of a structure to protect homes from rising sea levels.

Types of Research and Categories:

Research type 6:

Improve a product or process: Industrial and applied research (ENGINEERING)

b) Design product with the potential to meet the need
c) Built prototype products

Category type 13:

1. ENGINEERING: Materials and Bioengineering (EN)

c) Construction Engineering


We decided to do this project because of the issue of global warming and rising sea levels. These issues are becoming more and more apparent in our society as they threaten to change our way of life. Most countries, including Singapore, is projected to be affected by the rising sea levels and more frequent floods. Not only the economical and physical destruction caused by floods but also the indirect consequences like a decrease in production of crops if major countries like Thailand are affected. Thus, rising sea level is a very big issue in our society today. Our innovative housing design allows a house to float in a flood, which decreases overall collateral damage to property. Even though there are many such solutions on the market, our project includes special features that will set apart our house from any other available product on the market