5. Conclusion

5. Conclusions

As a conclusion to our project, the project was a success. We managed to meet all the requirements we had in mind at the start of the project. As the project moved along, we realised many limitations and advantages of using floating homes in real life. However, as the world moves closer to the reality of rising sea levels and more frequent floods, we feel that our house will be a mainstay in the future to protect shoreline areas in the many countries of the world. As Human, we always adapt to our environment and always think of innovative ways to keep our species thriving.

5.1 Practical Applications

Many coastal areas like New York are being threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent floods. Our houses is ideal to people who live close to the shoreline or even in the middle of the city. This gives people peace of mind that their houses will be kept safe in the very high chance of floods. Our house can also be deployed in rural areas that are affected by floods. Since our house is made of cheap materials, we can deploy them at low cost as shelters for refugees or other displaced people.

5.2 Areas for further study

Given the opportunity to work on our project again, we would like to find a way to connect many houses to the same mechanism, allowing a colony of floating houses to be chained together